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Redstor Microsoft 365 Protection Data Sheet

By 16th November 2021Security

Covered in this article:

Simplified data management

Protect your Microsoft 365 data as part of a unified, automated, policy-driven data management strategy, using Redstor’s powerful, web-based control centre. With the complete visibility that Redstor offers, you can assign consistent protection policies across your entire data estate. Backup and recovery, archiving, disaster recovery and data migration can all be managed with one central, easy-to-use application.

True cloud-to-cloud protection

No on-prem servers required, no impact on local bandwidth or storage management.

Intuitive, user-friendly control centre

No need to splash out on user training. Protect in minutes – start restoring in seconds.

Customisable retention

Redstor retains M365 data for however long you want – the standard 60 days, seven years or even indefinitely.

GDPR compliance

Find and delete references to a data subject, enabling you to comply with Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), i.e. the “right to be forgotten”.

Audit trail of user activities

Actively track and monitor all user activity across the cloud-to-cloud platform. Easily evidence restores.

Full control, fast recoveries

OneDrive & SharePoint

For OneDrive and SharePoint, you have two recovery options: straight back to the cloud, or onto a physical machine using Redstor’s InstantDataTM technology. Both have single-item recovery options. Simply select the relevant accounts and where you want to recover to – the original location or a new folder or new site.

As an admin, you are able to search across a OneDrive account and SharePoint site for specific files and select them individually to restore.

Recovering with InstantData onto a physical machine

Each selected account receives an email with a link to our InstantData™ agent. When you click on this link, an easy-to-use interface will appear from which you can configure your recovery, including how long you want access to the data to be available to other users.

Physical recovery can be:

Permanent – Work on whatever files you need, while Redstor restores the rest of the data in background

Temporary – Access backups temporarily on a virtual drive (no local disk space required)

What’s protected with Redstor

OneDrive – Safeguard files and folders.
SharePoint – Secure site collections, team sites and communication sites.
Exchange – Protect emails and attachments. calendar events and contacts.
Teams – Back up and restore teams, channels, posts, files and tabs.
OneNote – Protect OneNote notebooks, including Class and Staff notebooks, in whatever M365 app they were created in.

Streamline management

  • Data in OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams and OneNote is automatically backed up in the background every day, while you can perform additional backups as needed at any time. New users and sites are automatically protected. AI enables the detection and removal of malware after each backup.  
  • Set-up is quick and easy
  1. Log into Redstor’s cloud portal
  2. Select accounts or sites that need protecting
  3. Start backing up immediately
  4. Schedule subsequent incremental backups to
    occur daily or on specific days
  5. Monitor backup progress from cloud portal

Strong security

Centrally manage your data without circumventing M365 security and auditing. Whenever you add a new backup set, Microsoft will ask your permission for Redstor to access your data.

Role-based permissions
Only your relevant IT staff will have the ability to download mailboxes. Microsoft will not have access to any of your organisation’s mailboxes.

Advanced Encryption Standard
Before data is transferred during backup or recovery, it will be encrypted with 256-bit AES. Furthermore, all communication between Redstor’s cloud backup service and its storage platform (where your data is stored) is secured with Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Data sovereignty
Local data centres are used to ensure you comply with data residency or data sovereignty regulations

Activity log
Logs provide a full record of administrator and user actions.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) support

Without MFA, your users’ passwords will be the only method of restricting access to your data. With Redstor, you can add an additional layer of security, like authentication via a trusted device or fingerprint.

AI enables malware-free recoveries

Redstor utilises AI to detect, isolate and delete malware from backups, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

  • Mitigate risk – ensure you can recover safely, even if your Microsoft 365 data has been infected, by ring-fencing your backups in a known safe state
  • Eliminate downtime – avoid end-user frustration and loss of productivity with malware-free recoveries

Detect and delete malware in backups

With automated malware detection, every M365 backup will be checked for files that resemble malware in appearance or behaviour.

Machine learning protects against zero-day threats

Artificial intelligence can be purchased as an add-on to flag malware in backups from SharePoint, Exchange (including attachments), OneDrive, Teams and OneNote.

The option is also available to check backups from servers, laptops and any other end-point machines or devices.

There is nothing to configure, install or upgrade and no impact on internal resources.

Our machine-learning model does all the hard work, constantly improving its accuracy, based on shared community insights. This provides enhanced protection against zero-day threats that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities, leaving you free to make malware-free recoveries.

With Redstor’s malware detection for M365 backups, you can view suspicious files by:

  • the product – M365 or data from other sources such as Google Workspace or end-point devices
  • the service – SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Teams or OneNote
  • the backup date – previous backups

Removing suspicious files

Manual intervention is only required when a suspicious file is detected.

A notification then gives the option to:

  • delete the file
  • revert to a previous safe version
  • mark it as safe
  • leave it in quarantine

These actions can be taken in bulk by selecting multiple files or made against a single file.  If an attachment is flagged as suspicious, the entire email will be quarantined.

A comprehensive overview of all you protect with Redstor

Drill down and take action without switching between different products and credentials.

  • Capture key metrics of data in M365 and wherever else Redstor protects it
  • Monitor status of backups and recoveries for protected products
  • Measure growth of data in M365 and other sources Redstor protects
  • Verify, remove or revert to previous versions of suspicious files detected in backups from M365 – and anywhere else in your environment

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