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Protecting Google Workspace with Redstor

By 28th October 2021Security

Without a separate backup strategy, you risk losing your Google Workspace data to:

  • accidental deletion
  • retention policy gaps
  • malicious insiders
  • malware
  • ransomware

SaaS vendors are unable and unwilling to protect your data in all eventualities.

Section 6 of Microsoft’s Services Agreement states: “We recommend you regularly back up your content and data . . . using third-party apps and services.”

In the numerous terms of service for Google, Google Workspace and its apps, you will find no acceptance of responsibility for preventing data loss, only a disclaimer for:

  • loss of profits, revenues, business opportunities, goodwill, or anticipated savings
  • indirect or consequential loss

Google’s total liability is limited to the greater of £500 or 125% of fees paid in the last year.

A deleted user’s data disappears after just 20 days

An administrator can restore a deleted user account for up to 20 days after the date of deletion.

After 20 days, the admin console permanently deletes the user account, and it can’t be restored, even if you contact Google technical support.

Data deleted from trash is irretrievable after 25 days                     
An administrator can restore a user’s Drive or Gmail data for up to 25 days after the data is removed from the user’s trash.

After 25 days, the data cannot be restored, even if you contact technical support. Google will delete all customer-deleted data from its systems as soon as reasonably practicable and within a maximum period of 180 days.

Use Redstor to: 

  • Back up Google Drive, Gmail and Google Classroom
  • Simplify and automate your data management with one central, easy-to-use system
  • Establish a consistent data protection policy across your whole estate, viewing cloud and onsite data in one place
  • Address e-discovery requirements and comply with General Data Protection Regulation by searching and actioning data wherever it is
  • Detect and remove malware from backups, using AI for an additional layer of protection
  • Avoid lock-in by migrating data easily
  • Set up in minutes, and scale the protection you need – no need for capital expenditure
  • Define Google Workplace retention periods and ensure they are aligned to your business requirements
  • Deliver centralised management of data in Google Drive and Gmail without circumventing Google security and auditing
  • Retain full control of your data for business continuity by mitigating the risk of storing it with the cloud service provider
  • Benefit from faster, simpler recoveries of Google Workplace data in the event of accidental deletion or a ransomware attack

View your entire estate through a single application

Modern businesses need a unified view of all their data. Manage and protect your Google Workspace data via a single application as part of a centralised data management solution. Gain borderless visibility of local and online data and set policies across your entire estate.

Easily evidence compliance

Comply with regulations and legislation by easily and quickly identifying files. Backups created and stored with Redstor can be searched to make sure every reference to a data subject, including in Gmail, is found instantly.

Simplify management with policy-driven automation

Get up and running in minutes and benefit from intelligent, policy-driven automation, powerful monitoring and sophisticated reporting. Fast to deploy and easy to manage, our pioneering solution requires zero human intervention daily.

Scale effortlessly for maximum cost savings

Scales seamlessly in line with your Google Workspace needs. Unlike some services for protecting Google Workspace, Redstor provides true cloud-to-cloud protection for your data without the requirement for any on-prem hardware.

Move data transparently, with no downtime

Avoid lock-in by having the capability to move data easily back on-premises if required and access data anywhere, using InstantData™ to stream data to the user on demand.

Ensure the process is fully auditable

Protect your entire organisation in a couple of clicks without compromising on security. Speed up Subject Access Requests and comply with regulations. The process is simple, monitorable, and auditable.

Benefit from transparent, predictable pricing

With Redstor’s simple, predictable, pricing model, you can budget with confidence, knowing exactly what you are paying for. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

Maintain full control for business continuity

Avoid relinquishing control and relying on the cloud provider for restores. Rest assured with a separate backup policy as a security standard. Regardless of where your data resides, you can confidently manage and access it with Redstor.

Establish strong security and guaranteed data sovereignty

With zero downtime and preservation of data sovereignty, your data remains 100% safe in our dedicated, highly secure, local data centres. Our engineers are available 24/7/365 to provide expert advice wherever you are in the world. Your data is encrypted at source using Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key length.

Deliver rapid restores

Radically reduce the impact of accidental deletion, malicious activity or corruption with granular recovery at the account level. For Google Drive, select the account and specify whether you want to recover back to the cloud or onto a physical machine. For Gmail, recover messages with their attachments, labels and threads whether they are in an inbox, have been archived or put in the trash basket.

The new standard of data management and protection

Protect your Google Workspace data today and see how fast and easy it is to manage with Redstor.


Set up and scale fast – what may have taken days in the past, will now take hours. No hardware, no upfront professional services costs, no management overhead, no complex licensing models.


A feature-rich, self-service portal eliminates vendor bottlenecks – leaving you free to deploy, manage and scale Google Workspace protection quickly and easily (24/7 support remains on hand if required).


Manage and protect Google Workspace data via a single app as part of a centralised data management solution. If you protect your wider estate with Redstor, there’s the benefit of having a single place to view and manage cloud and on-prem data, saving on time and operational overheads.


Automatically highlight risks and protect data against malware with Redstor’s platform, which continuously learns and improves, based on community insights.

What is backed up in Google Workspace?

With Redstor you can protect:

Google Drive: Google App Scripts, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboards as part of Drive contents.

Gmail: Messages (emails and attachments), including archived messages, spam, trash and attachments.

Classroom: Course settings, course material sets with files, course aliases, course announcements and files, course students (including guardians and student work folders), course teachers, course topics, course work (files, assignments, and student submissions), course invitations (teachers and students), course teacher folder with files.

A comprehensive overview of everything you are protecting with Redstor

Drill down and take action without switching between different products and credentials.

  • Capture key metrics of data in Google Workspace and wherever else Redstor protects it
  • Monitor status of backups and recoveries for protected products
  • Measure growth of data in Google Workspace and other sources Redstor protects
  • Verify, remove or revert to previous versions of suspicious files detected in backups from Google Workspace – and anywhere else in your environment


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