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The difference between home and business broadband

By 15th August 2017December 20th, 2023Connectivity
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If you are looking for connectivity, chances are you’ve seen “business broadband” packages. While they are more expensive than your general “home” package, it’s not always obvious what the benefits are. To make it easier for you to decide, we’ve pointed out the key differences between the two.

Better Support with Business Broadband Packages

The common feature of paying for business broadband is extra technical support. Nearly every business relies on connectivity to operate and they need immediate support when things go wrong. Most ISPs will prioritise a business user over a home user and businesses generally receive 24/7 support. Turrito offers an SLA which guarantees your problem will be solved within a certain time frame.

Contention ratios

The contention ratio is the number of users sharing the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio, the better the connection. A home broadband user may get a ratio of about 40:1 whereas a business user may get one of 1:1.

Lightning-fast speed with Business Broadband

Business packages provide faster speed options. A home use may be fine on a 2MB or 4MB line, whereas business packages start at 8MB or higher.

Download limits

Due to businesses having more staff utilising cloud services and the internet, they have more of a download allowance than home users. While many home broadband packages limit your data per month, this is impractical for businesses.


Cybersecurity is important to everyone, however, a breach in business data could be tragic. Many business packages have enhanced security that comes with the service.

Better service offering

Businesses need different things from the broadband service provider than home users. This includes things like email servers, remote working or secure access to work. You can’t do this with a home package, but with a business broadband package, you can enable your workforce and increase productivity.

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