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Is your data management strategy hardware reliant?

With semiconductor shortages predicted to run into 2023 and global supply chain issues leading to lengthy delays in delivery for servers, switches and networking hardware, organisations are at risk of data management strategies failing.

For organisations reliant on hardware-based approaches to data management and protection, these issues can have any number of effects, from lengthy delivery times on existing orders, putting projects on hold, to an inability to replace critical hardware in the event of server failure, either in a live or backup environment or issues with capacity planning as servers fill over time.

Stuck waiting for current server and hardware orders?

Fearful of running out of capacity?

Unable to replace hardware in the event of a disaster?

How can Redstor help?

Redstor’s smart, serverless, cloud-native suite of services delivers the new standard in data management and protection, ensuring organisations can protect data in minutes, without the need to wait for hardware. Enabling organisations to benefit from:

  • A cloud-first approach with no reliance on hardware
  • Streamed on-demand recoveries and serverless access to data with InstantDataTM
  • Rapid set up in as little as 15-minutes Built-in archiving that extends the capacity of, existing primary storage infrastructure
  • The ability to protect SaaS data, such as M365, Google Workspace and more, for payloads that have been or will be migrated to the cloud, from a single application

Get protected on day 1 with no requirement for hardware, zero upfront costs and end-to-end online onboarding that takes minutes.

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