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Risk Monitoring Using Data Driven Insights

By 28th July 2020December 20th, 2023Network Monitoring
risk monitoring turrito networks

Turrito Networks uses a Managed Detection and Response strategy. By providing continuous risk monitoring, we minimise risk to all key aspects of your IT infrastructure and services. Business’s reliance on IT has exposed an excess of high-impact risks.  In these unusual times, businesses will have to adapt and transform to survive.  However, to adapt you need to have the right information. But, the right information comes from the right data. This is why you need reliable monitoring of your infrastructure and IT environment. 

The key risks businesses face are: 

  • Business Continuity  
  • Data Recovery
  • Service restoration
  • Information Security 
  • Risk of Malware or Ransomware 
  • Risk of unauthorised access 
  • Return on Investment 
  • Technology Investments being accurately used
  • Future-proofing 
  • Operational flexibility – Is your business using the best technology available? At the lowest possible cost and gaining efficiency? And as a result, gaining a competitive advantage?

Fortunately, our risk monitoring gives visibility by providing a single-pane view into what is going on inside your business’s IT.

There is no question that digital problems are on the rise, especially in the post-COVID-19 world. Shrinking budgets means before any further investments in IT are done there should be good justification and a clear RoI.  With our monitoring tools and data-driven insights, any business will be able to answer questions like: 

  1. Do bandwidth limitations affect your remote users? 
  2. Will my business deploy more cloud-based applications and services in the future? 
  3. How can I make my data secure?

Network monitoring gives deep insights into how services are performing, resource requirements and bottlenecks. Consequently, this will help any business with the operational flexibility needed to embrace a world where the network is moving from the cloud to the edge. It will be possible to quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment. Thus, increasing operational efficiency and in some instances cutting cost 

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