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Today, we’re excited to dive into the world of data backup with Redstor. In today’s digital age, data is king, and protecting it is essential to maintaining the smooth operation of any business. With Redstor’s data backup solution, businesses can rest assured that their critical data is safe, secure, and easily recoverable in the event of any unforeseen events.

Why do you need a third-party backup?

Gain peace of mind that you have a copy outside of Xero

Xero will do an excellent job keeping your data safe, but it can’t help if the problem originated from within your organisation.

Without a separate backup strategy, you risk losing Xero data if:

  1. A new employee has deleted data in error or imported transactions wrongly
  2. A disgruntled employee has wreaked havoc, sabotaging files and deleting contacts
  3. An app you were trialling has pushed unwanted data into your accounting records or drastically altered contact details, records about deals or company data.

Ignoring the need for a third-party backup is a major gamble. Xero’s own Services Agreement states: “You must maintain copies of all Data inputted into the service. Xero expressly excludes liability for any loss of data no matter how caused.”

Rapid deployment

With Redstor you can protect your data with just a few clicks, scale protection easily and there’s no impact on local bandwidth and no capital expenditure.

Automated protection

Backups run to an automated schedule so unlike when backing up Xero manually via CSV, there is no risk of outdated data or bad CSV file imports that often lead to irreversible data loss or hours of work clearing up an account.

Centralised management

Simplify and automate your data management and assign consistent protection policies across your entire data estate with one central, easy-touse system.

Easy compliance

A simple, monitorable and auditable process enables you to speed up Subject Access Requests.

Strong security

Data is encrypted at the source and remains encrypted at all times. There’s no circumventing Xero security and you can set role-based permissions.

Avoid dependency

Recovering quickly is difficult, if not impossible when all your data is with one provider, who subsequently suffers an issue.

You can avoid that risk by backing up Xero data within your organisation directly from Xero to the Redstor cloud.

The need to retain control

Organisations must have procedures in place to protect business-critical data. There are financial penalties for falling foul of the Data Protection Act 2018, the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Article 32 of the GDPR clearly states that organisations must ‘restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident’.

Peace of mind

Backing up Xero with Redstor is a tiny investment, but the reassurance that your financial data is both protected and controlled is huge.

If for any reason you want to cancel a subscription, you can download an offline backup of your full audit trail, including attachments to your source documents and reference data. In the event you want to close off a client, you can get all their data out of Xero, including attachments. You can also be sure of emergency access to important reports if Xero is offline.

How it works

Protecting and recovering your Xero data with Redstor couldn’t be easier.

  • Authorise with a few clicks and your backups will begin
  • Set your backups to run as often as you want with no work interruptions
  • Retain a history for as long as you or client wishes
  • Download files as many times as you want – there’s no charge
  • No need to wait for entire systems or large files to be recovered – start working on what you need straight away
  • Stream from the cloud while the recovery completes in the background
  • Try out something new without affecting your live accounting information
  • View your key accounting reports at a historical point in time
  • Download a copy of all transactions for a particular year
  • Get a copy of all attachments, including receipts within Xero
  • Check out any of your online backups via a virtual drive without taking up space on your primary storage
  • One-click is all it takes to restore backups
  • Only you have access to the encryption key, so unlike other online backup services, only you can decrypt and recover your backup data

All this is protected:

  • Automate backups of:
  • accounts (including attachments),
  • assets (including draft, disposed and registered assets),
  • asset types,
  • asset settings,
  • batch payments (including history),
  • branding themes,
  • bank transactions (including attachments and history),
  • bank transfers (including attachments and history),
  • contacts (including attachments,
  • history, and the UK construction industry scheme settings),
  • contact groups, currencies,
  • credit notes (including attachments and history),
  • employees, overpayments (including history),
  • folders,
  • files,
  • files,
  • file associations,
  • payments (including history),
  • prepayments (including history),
  • projects,
  • project tasks,
  • project time entries,
  • projects users,
  • purchase orders (including attachments and history),
  • quotes (including attachments and history),
  • receipts (including attachments and history),
  • repeating invoices (including attachments and history),
  • tax rates,
  • tracking categories,
  • users,
  • expense claims (including history),
  • invoices (including attachments and history),
  • invoice reminders,
  • items,
  • journals,
  • linked transactions,
  • manual journals (including attachments),
  • organisation settings (including the UK construction industry scheme settings).

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