We deliver business connectivity and IT solutions best: all the cloud platforms, and all the networks, all the time. Ensuring the largest coverage in the country and the most robust and resilient support available.

Business connectivity solutions are what we do best: all the providers, all the networks, all the time. To ensure the largest coverage but also the most robust, resilient and highest quality services available.

Managed Services

Turrito can help extend or scale your existing IT department, or simply provide permanent technical placements as required.



All our solutions include a Service Level Agreement with guarantees and industry-leading response times.


The Cloud

The Cloud is where your business can operate and scale.


Turrito Networks is one of the fastest growing service providers to Businesses in South Africa: from fibre and wireless to telephony, cloud computing and more. Turrito is 100% network agnostic and works with all of South Africa’s top tier internet providers to create the perfect connectivity solution for your business – and budget. Access to all services and all networks enables us to deliver what you need, using combinations of links and solutions throughout the industry. Our converged model allows us to deliver the highest services levels and most resilient uptime while providing a rare focus on service delivery and support.

Turrito is passionate about service delivery and, as our testimonials show, we’ll always have your back. We’ll not only ensure you have the best solution for your business, we’ll also manage it for you so you’re never spending valuable working hours waiting for a call centre agent. A single point of accountability ensures our customers are continually offered the best possible solution in an ever-changing telecommunications market.

All the networks. All the solutions, One provider