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Top Cloud Applications for Business

By 3rd May 2018December 20th, 2023Cloud
Cloud computing - Turrito Networks

With increasing internet speeds, more and more applications are moving to a SaaS model. This not only helps cut down costs (in some cases) but is also better for the security of your business data. This post will look at the top cloud applications for business.

Microsoft Office 365

One of the top cloud applications is Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s flagship cloud service. It has all the regular applications of the original Office packages; however, it uses a subscription model and the Internet. There are plans for business and home with the business packages including Skype for Business and Exchange Online. is the leading CRM (customer relationship management) tool globally. The application has abilities that include sales management, marketing automation, partner management and customer service.


The box is a cloud content management and file-sharing tool for businesses. It also provides collaboration tools and uses a freemium business model. The application is available on Windows, macOS and several mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s answer to SaaS. AWS provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to businesses, governments, and schools on a paid subscription. They offer computer power, database storage, and content delivery to name a few functionalities.

Google G Suite

Google’s G Suite is the major competitor to Office 365. G Suite includes communication tools such as Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and Google+, storage tools such as Drive, collaboration tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites.


Concur is a cloud-based travel and expense management service owned by SAP. One of the innovative things about this software is its mobile integration allowing you to record expenses on your mobile phone, thus no need for receipts.

Jira Atlassian

Jira provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management tools. As of June 2017, Jira is the number one issue tracking tool. Some of their impressive clientele includes the likes of Twitter, Skype, and Nasa.

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