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Turrito Networks powering connectivity for leading SA sports group

By 24th August 2018Blog
Turrito Networks

On the back of robust growth in 2017, South African connectivity provider Turrito Networks has further cemented its leadership in the market by signing on MoreCentral (previously MoreCorp), a company best known for its retail footprint in the golf and cycling sectors.

The instrumental partnership will see Turrito delivering world-class connectivity solutions to 18 MoreCentral branches countrywide, powering some of the country’s most beloved sports brands including TheProShop, Cycle Lab, World of Golf, PwC Bike Park and others.

Turrito’s fully outsourced WAN solution (MPLS, hosting, Internet, security services and VOIP) is already being rolled out with MoreCentral reaping the benefits of streamlined connectivity solutions.

“Historically my experience with service providers has been extremely frustrating, with constant delays, lack of interest and unresponsive support.

“Since moving my services to Turrito Networks, that experience has changed enormously. Their teams are proactive and very knowledgeable, and they immediately get involved whenever help is needed.

“The experience is one of a partnership, and they take a genuine interest in our business and how critical telecommunications and services are for our organisation. You don’t know what service means until you deal with Turrito!” says Dean Marques, IT Infrastructure Manager at Morecorp Group.

In a highly competitive local market that has typically been dominated by large and well-established Tier 1 telecommunication providers, MoreCentral has admittedly been battling with poor service from this sector for several years.

The sports company has been struggling to find the right provider, with the right approach to support agile delivery of critical IT rollouts. After an extended battle to get critical sites upgraded, MoreCentral approached Turrito Networks for help.

“Our team was able to get involved immediately and solve the issue within half a day, essentially resolving issues that MoreCentral had been challenged with for three months,” explains Brian Timperley, managing director and co-founder of Turrito Networks.

“As a network agnostic connectivity provider, we were able to leverage our extensive network and clout to get their branches upgraded and running in a very short space of time.”

Following this successful engagement, the partnership between Turrito Networks and MoreCentral was solidified.

“Within days of the agreement, MoreCentral had a real time, visual overview of their entire network, harnessing Turrito’s advanced monitoring tool to understand exactly what their network is delivering,” adds Timperley.

With this enhanced visibility, MoreCentral is given live insight into its IT systems and network, thus allowing the business to become more agile and responsive within the broad market it serves.

As a company that currently serves over 500 corporate and midmarket customers, Turrito is no stranger to quick and seamless transformations. Having recently acquired IT consultancy Dial a Nerd, Turrito Networks has over 120 experienced professionals on hand to deliver the broadest offering of connectivity and IT solutions in South Africa.

“Because we operate as a network agnostic provider, we are able to tap into every Tier1 service provider available and provide clients with the most efficient and affordable solution for their business,” says Louis Jardim, commercial director and co-founder of Turrito Networks.

“Importantly, we are able to ease the complexity, expense and frustration that has typically been associated with enterprise connectivity and support in the local market.”

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