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Microsoft products, and particularly office, have become a staple for most businesses out there. Whether viewing and creating presentations, typing up word documents or receiving and sending emails, most business processes simply cannot be completed without using a Microsoft solution of some type. In the same breath, piracy is a hot topic in this digital age of ours, and more than just a few businesses have fallen back on cracked or illegal copies of software suites. Besides being completely illegal, pirated software comes without all of the support, stability and networking facilities that a genuine copy would. So let’s explore the benefits that genuine Microsoft products can afford your business.

Genuine Microsoft Products Offer Stability

When it comes to pirated software, stability is always a concern. Many cracks used to illegally activate an Office suite make changes to core system files on a PC which may result in less system stability, particularly where any Microsoft package is concerned. Since your business simply cannot afford to face interruptions and delays, this is but one reason why you should always opt for genuine software.

Genuine Microsoft Products Allow for Support and Updates

Microsoft periodically releases updates for their software suites that enhance their performance, allow for additional functionality, and more importantly, facilitate better security, protection and privacy. These updates are important not only for the performance of the software but also for protecting your business against security breaches. These types of updates generally cannot be done with a cracked copy of MS Office, just one more reason why they should be avoided.

Collaborate More Easily

By making a genuine copy of Windows and Office available to each computer being used in your business will facilitate better collaboration between your staff and even between your business and your clients. This may happen through hosted email services or simply through collaborative services on Office 365, allowing for more streamlined business activities.

Protect Your Business from Software Audits

Since pirated software is essentially illegal, your business can suffer greatly if it is caught using it, and you would be surprised how often a business is caught out by this. When conducting business with any IT companies, you may be requested to undergo a software audit where all of your software packages are checked for authenticity, if any are found to be pirated, your business may face a collection of hefty fines, some so great as to ruin it overnight.

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